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University of Alabama at Birmingham
901 19th Street South
BMR2 room 331
Birmingham, Alabama 35294

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Victor Darley-Usmar, Director


The Center for Free Radical Biology was originally conceived and founded in 1996 by Dr. Bruce Freeman to recognize the strengths at UAB in the fields of basic and clinical free radical research. Since then, under the current leadership of Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar, it has developed into a University wide Center with approximately 59 members drawn from a wide range of disciplines across campus including chemistry, biology, physiology and clinical practice.


Our mission is to create an outstanding research and training environment for translating the basic mechanisms and biology of Free Radicals to further our understanding of human health and disease.


Victor Darley-Usmar

Samantha M. Gromko

Center for Free Radical Biology
901 19th Street S.
Birmingham, AL 35294